PET Green Tape for High Temperature Spray of Aluminum Alloy Flour

PET Green Tape for High Temperature Spray of Aluminum Alloy Flour

Thickness: 0.06mm,0.08mm

The green thermal tape is applied to protecting the surface of glass and metal in high-temp paint baking and spray of aluminum alloy flour, and to protecting the surface of PCB panel during electroplating and welding.

The green thermal tape is mainly used in paint spray, paint baking, carton sealing-up, shoes, packing consolidation, building decoration and other industries.

The green thermal tape has been widely used to twining the transformer, motor, coil, capacitor and variable frequency power supplier, so as to provide high-temp insulation.

The green thermal tape is applicable to protecting fingers during PCB printing, SMT tin furnace and wave-soldering.

The green thermal tape provides insulation protection for the high-end electric appliance, and can consolidate the cell’s positive and negative poles.
Applicable to solder mask protection.
Application to bundle up the lithium battery of mobile-phone.

The green thermal tape features in excellent temperature-resistance. After peeling off, no glue is left.
High insulation, high and low temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, low electrolysis, excellent mechanical property, friction-resistant, tearing-resistant, strong adhesion.

Color Green
Sealant Materials Silicone
Sealant Materials Thickness 0.035±0.005mm
Thickness of Tape Sheet 0.06±0.005mm
Temperature Resistance 180℃ Continuously heating
200 ℃ Discontinuously heating
Tear Strength 120 N/25mm
Adhesive Strength 7.5 N/25mm
Elongation 55%
Volage Resistance 5 KV
Insulation Resistance 1,000,000 MΩ
Insulation Grade F