EVA Film Glass Laminating Machine

eva film glass laminating machine manufacturers

eva glass laminating machine

Rated Voltage: 380V-440V

Frequency: 50HZ-60HZ

Rated Current:40A

Installation Wattage:28KW

Heating Winding:24KW

Winding Wattage:2.2KW

Vacuuming and other Wattage: 0.75KW

Glass size:1700mm(W)*3200(L)

Machine Dimension: 5000mm(L)*2100mm(W)*1400mm(H)

Layer number of silicone beds:2


Fuctions and Featurers:

1.       Lifting platform automatically makes the operation convenient and comfortable.

2.       Heating the furnace with principle of wind cycle to ensure a balanced temperaturer.

3.       Its electric cabinet is reasonable in design and easy to operate by presetting in one step.

4.       Diversification purposes, the machine can produce laminated glass, single strengthened glass, outdoor safety glass, polymer paint,etc

5.      Highly efficient and power-saving: it consumes 18-22 degree power to make one furnace of glass in 45-55 minutes.

6.      Flexible processing: can be done at the same time with two layers, single-cycle operation can also operated.

EVA Glass Laminating Machine

eva film glass laminated machine

Product Information:

The equipment can produce: single-layer reinforced laminated glass, ordinary dry-laminated glass, colored laminated glass, wired glass, dimming glass, decorative glass, heat transfer glass etc.
Principle :it adopts Vacuum principle, to use of  glass of vacuum  bag  so that can’t be ruled out air bubbles, the use of atmospheric pressure (so no need to autoclave) to enable the glass under pressure。The film under high temperature melt, which will clip plastic materials (such as silk, paper, photo paper, fabric, inkjet fabric, etc.) and the glass firmly bonded together to form a whole, explosion-proof, safe, decorative and practical purpose.
function : Is widely used in architectural laminated glass, bullet-proof, sliding door, closet doors, screens, partitions and other decorative and other purposes.

Features:Thickness range of processing for glass: 3-40mm Production year: 2007 Utilizing E.V.A film allows adhesion at lower temperatures (max 150°C) resulting in the same high quality laminated glass as seen by using a autoclave, while still meeting all worldwide standards. Compare to PVB film, E.V.A film offers the following characteristics: None Moisture Absorption, Excellent Adhesion to Polyester Plastic, No Delaminate by Water, Low Temperature Operation, Short Production Cycle. The above machine is in our show room and it has not been used for production pourpose, but only like a demo machine.

Name Description
overall dimension 4050*2200*2000 3700*2200*2000 3700*2200*2000 3700*2200*2000
install dimension 6500*4050 9700*2200 9700*2200 9700*2200
MAX temp of the furnace inside 300 300 300 300
Total power 42 45 45 45
Heating power 36 36 36 36
power 3

Silicone Vacuum Bag for EVA Glass Laminating Machine

Product 1: Silicone Vacuum Bag


1) Silicone Vacuum Bag
2) Used for Glass Vacuum Laminating Machines to make laminated glass with EVA Interlayer Film

#Product Features:

+ heat-resistant,

+high elasticity,

+special surface property (no adhesion)

+physiological inertia




+high tear-resistant

#Product Specification:

1) common thickness: 3mm

2) maximum width: 3800mm with no joint

3) any length

4) common color: transparent, red, and any color available

5) customizing is always available

#The Technical Parameters:

Model number Tensile strength


Tearing strength



(Shore A)

Breaking extensibility


color pattern
UC3111 6.5 26 55±5 450 Transparent Two sides smooth
UC3112 6.5 26 55±5 450 Transparent One smooth

One cloth grain

UC3121 6.5 26 55±5 450 red Two sides smooth
UC3122 6.5 26 55±5 450 red One smooth

One cloth grain

UC3211 8.0 32 55±5 650 Transparent Two sides smooth
UC3212 8.0 32 55±5 650 Transparent One smooth

One cloth grain

UC3221 8.0 32 55±5 650 red Two sides smooth
UC3222 8.0 32 55±5 650 red One smooth

One cloth grain

Products 2:  Silicone Tube for Vacuum Bag

silicone tube for vacuum bag glass laminating eva interlayer film

Characteristics: durable, aging-resistance,

This sililicone tube is maily applied in vacuum bag for vacuum pump.There are two sizes of silicone tube :  small and big.

Products 3 : Silicon Rubber Sheet

silicon sheet solar eva laminating machine

high tear-resistant,
maximum width can be 3800mm with no joint
used for solar energy laminating machines, etc.

#Product features:

Ucolin adopts advanced techniques and special equipment, large drum-type vulcanization unit to develop the high tear-resistant silicon rubber sheet, which has a high level of stability, a good evenness and reliability, and its heat resistant up to 230 degrees.

#Product specification:

1) common thickness: 5mm

2) maximum width: 3800mm

3) any length

4) common color: transparent, grey, and any color available

#Technical index:

Model number UC1112 UC1132 UC1111 UC1131
Hardness(Shore A) 50 50 50 50
Breaking strength (Mpa) 12 12 12 12
Breaking extensibility % 720 720 720 720
Tearing strength


meniscus method 42 42 42 42
rectangular method 32 32 32 32
Linear shrinkage rate % 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6
Long run temperature 230 230 230 230
Appearance(color) Transparent

One smooth

One cloth grain


One smooth

One cloth grain


Two sides



Two sides


Switchable Film for Privacy Glass

Products Descriptions :

Max size:980mm*3000mm/1200mm*3000mm

Glass Thickness:5mm+1.14mm+5mm/6mm+1.14mm+6mm/8mm+1.14mm+8mm

Color: Milky white

Protector:US Dow Corning or Korea Dongyang Glass sealant. Ensure competible.

Operating environment: -20℃~+60℃

Storage environment: -20℃+60℃ Life-span: more than 10 years

Quality gurantee: 1 years

Electrical characteristic

OperatingVoltage:>50VAC&<110VAC Frequency range: 50~60HZ

Amperage:100mA per square meter (for 110V)

Power consumption: about 7W per square meter (for 110V)

Switching speed: less than 1 second

From Frosted to clear:100 milliseconds

From clear to frosted: 400 milliseconds

Optical Characteristics

Operation mode: Transparent(power on)/Opaque(power off)

Parallel light transmittance:75±3%(ON) / 10±% (OFF)

Sunlight Transmittance: 80±1%(ON) / 60±1% (OFF) Haze:2±1%(ON)/80±3% (OFF)

UV Blocking: more than 98% Visible Angle:130°


Item Test Item Test Condition Result
1 Switching on(1s) off (1s) Qualified
1 Switching 110VAC 3Mil.switch Qualified
2 High Temperature 70℃/14 days Qualified
3 High Temperature&High Humidity 50℃,98%humidity /14days Qualified
4 Low Temperature -20℃/14days Qualified
5 Weathering KS L2004(LAMI) Qualified
6 Heat Resistance KS L2004 (LAMI) Qualified

Laminated Glass Light Transmittance Measurement

Laminated Glass Spectrometer

User Manual V1.6

glass lamination light measurement

1: General description

LS Laminated Glass Spectrometer is able to simultaneously measure the Transmission

Values of UV(ultraviolet radiation), Visible Light and Infrared Ray . The Spectrometer is self-contained light sources and automatic calibration. No man-driven adjustment is needed. The users only need to plug the power supply, turn on the switch and put the Laminated Glass in the opening. Then the measure data would appear on the display automatically.

2:LS Parameter

Size: 160mm*115mm*33mmL*W*H

Testing opening size:  Wide 23mm × Height 76 mm

Weigh: 360g

Resolution ratio: IR, VL is 1%; UV is 0.5%

Infrared peak responsive wavelength is 950nm, range (850nm-1050nm)

AC/DC power supply 9V, portable Lithium rechargeable battery also can be used.

3: Instruction

Plug the power supply,

-Keep the opening is empty,

-Turn on the switch,

-Waits for the meter to self-calibrate, if automatic calibration is successful, each of the displays will show 100%.

-Put the laminated Glass in the opening,

-Wait for the data being stable, then read the data