Hello Mr Peter Lin,
We recently purchased 2 thermal cutters from you for trimming the pvb sgp.

Is there a larger selection of blades available other than the 4 shown on your ads?

The reason i am asking is because what we have found is that the cutters work great in the sense that they heat up very quickly and provide a good temperature to melt/remove the interlayer, however were finding that the blades we purchased once heated bend extremely easy and after each use we have to straighten them with pliers.

therefore we were wondering If the blades came in a thicker metal to prevent bending and if there is a longer narrower blade that will fit better inside holes to remove excess trim and for multiple laminated glass (more than 2 pieces laminated)?

i have included a few photos of the cutters in action.

Also, we like the performance of the high temp green tape. what widths do these rolls of tape come in and what are the costs for comparison?